Lives listing by occupation: colonial administrator

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  • Malet, Sir Charles Warre, 1st baronet (born 1753–died 1815), English East India Company official, diplomat, colonial administrator
  • Nepean, Sir Evan, 1st baronet (born 1751–died 1822), English politician, colonial administrator
  • Nicholson, Francis (born 1655–died 1728), English army officer, colonial administrator
  • Oakley, Sir Charles (born 1751–died 1826), English colonial administrator, colonial governor
  • Petrie, William (died 1816), English East India Company official, colonial administrator, colonial governor, politician, member of Parliament
  • Petty, Sir William (born 1623–died 1687), English inventor, politician, member of Parliament, economist, colonial administrator, academician
  • Randolph, Edward (born 1632–died 1703), American diplomat, colonial administrator, civil servant
  • Rumbold, Sir Thomas, baronet (born 1736–died 1791), English colonial administrator, East India Company official, politician, member of Parliament
  • Simcoe, John Graves (born 1752–died 1806), English army officer, colonial administrator, politician, member of Parliament
  • Steuart, Charles (born 1725–died 1797), Scottish colonial administrator, merchant
  • Symonds, Samuel (born 1595–died 1678), American civil servant, colonial administrator, diplomat
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