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  • Magliabechi, Antonio (born 1633–died 1714), Italian librarian, archivist, academic, scholar, bibliophile, collector
  • Malone, Edmond (born 1741–died 1812), Irish scholar, biographer, academic
  • Marchand, Prosper (born 1675–died 1756), French publisher, scholar, journalist, academic
  • Maret, Hugues (born 1726–died 1786), French physician, scholar, academic
  • Marin, François Louis Claude (born 1721–died 1809), French censor, journalist, scholar, civil servant, academic, editor
  • Marriott, Sir James (born 1730–died 1803), English lawyer, judge, politician, member of Parliament, scholar
  • Mason, John Monck (born c. 1726–died 1809), Irish politician, member of Parliament, scholar, academic
  • Mayáns y Siscar, Gregorio (born 1699–died 1781), Spanish scholar, university teacher, academic
  • Meibom, Marc (born 1630–died 1711), Danish scholar, classicist, academic
  • Menoux, Joseph de (born 1695–died 1766), French churchman, Jesuit, scholar, academic
  • Michaud, Joseph François (born 1767–died 1839), French journalist, bibliographer, scholar, bibliophile, collector
  • Mieden, Aris van der (born 1726–died 1793), Dutch politician, scholar, classicist
  • Miles, Henry (born 1698–died 1763), English churchman, scholar, academician, academic
  • Minutoli, Vincent (born 1639–died 1709), Swiss churchman, Protestant, scholar, academic
  • Morhof, Doctor Daniel Georg (born 1639–died 1691), German scholar, university teacher, academic
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