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from the digital correspondence of Voltaire — tranche 2


I present you with a copy of the Henriade. It is a very serious work for one of your age, but a woman who plays Tullie is capable of reading, and it is only right that I offer my works to her who embellishes them. . . . The success of the play will be due to you. But to achieve this remember not to rush anything, to animate everything, to mingle sighs with your declamation, to leave long pauses. Above all perform the final couplet of your first act with much feeling and fire. Act the last curtain with terror, tears and long pauses. Appear desperate, and all your rivals will despair. Good-bye, prodigy. . . .

— Translation from French into English of Voltaire to Marie Anne Dangeville,
12 December 1730;
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You give me, my illustrious philosopher, the most consoling and the dearest of hopes. You will really be so good as to come to my desert? My end approaches, I become weaker every day, my death will be sweet if I do not die without seeing you again. . . .

The abominable conduct of Jean Jacques has done more harm to philosophy than pastoral letters of bishops and court orders, but this Judas of the sacred company should not discourage the other apostles. Who can render greater services to reason and virtue than you? Who can be more useful to the world without compromising himself with those who are wrong-headed? How many things I have to tell you, and what pleasure I shall have in opening my heart to you and in reading yours if I do not die without having embraced you! At least, I embrace you from afar, and do so with a friendship equal to my esteem.

— Translation from French into English of Voltaire to Claude Adrien Helvétius,
27 October 1766;
EE letter ID: voltfrEE5000161b2c

from the digital correspondence of Voltaire — tranche 1

Letters published in tranche 1 include:

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