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Voltaire to Allen Bathurst, 1st Earl Bathurst

Tuesday, 18 October 1729



I hope the sense of my gratitude for all the kindnesses yr lordship show’d me when I was at London, will be more acceptable to you if it passes through mr Fox’s hands.1 I’ll never forget as long as I live yr lordship’s favours to me, the amiableness of yr caracter, the freedom of yr house[,] the many liberties I enjoy’d in that charming library at Rischkings.2 I have been ranging about since I left england, and when I have lodged at Paris t’was in a remote suburb in a country house where I lived like an ermit, so that I could not know yr son has been at paris.3 mr Fox apprised me of it lately, and I was very angry at my ill fortune that debarred me of the pleasure to show to the son the high respect and the gratitude I entertain for the father, sure had I known mr Bathurst was in paris I would have waited ofa him and shown my self ready to obey all his orders[.]

I hope mylady bathurst and all yr amiable children are very well, as I never knew a man more virtuous than you, so I knew no body so blessed in his family. I wish yr lordship all the happiness you deserve. pray mylord vouchsafe to remember with kindness one whom you received with so much favour and who will ever remember it[.]

I am with the highest respect
yr lordships most humble
obedient faithfull
servant Voltaire

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