Lives listing by occupation: brewer

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  • Acloque, André Arnoult (born c. 1748–died c. 1802), French soldier, brewer, activist, army officer, businessman, politician
  • Glassford, John (born 1715–died 1783), Scottish tobacco-merchant, businessman, banker, cloth manufacturer, tanner, brewer
  • Piozzi, Hester Lynch [formerly Mrs Thrale; née Salusbury] (born 1741–died 1821), Welsh poet, historian, diarist, salon hostess, businesswoman, brewer
  • Thrale, Henry (born 1728–died 1781), English brewer, politician, member of Parliament, businessman
  • Tyng, Edward (born 1610–died 1681), American brewer, merchant, civil servant, landowner, businessman, militia officer
  • Wilshire, William (born 1754–died 1824), English lawyer, businessman, brewer

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