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  • Pitt, Thomas, 1st Baron Camelford (born 1737–died 1793), English politician, member of Parliament, civil servant, businessman, porcelain manufacturer, architect
  • Platt, Richard (born 1755–died 1830), American businessman, financier, army officer
  • Price, Sir Charles, baronet (born 1748–died 1818), English businessman, politician, member of Parliament
  • Reid, Robert (died 1828), Canadian amanuensis, colonist, Loyalist, businessman, farmer, shopkeeper, fisherman, civil servant
  • Revere, Paul (born 1734–died 1818), American silversmith, foundry owner, politician, businessman
  • Rhinelander, William [junior] (born 1753–died 1825), American sugar refiner, landowner, businessman, trader
  • Ribote-Charron, Jean (born c. 1730–died 1805), French Huguenot, draper, businessman, poet, art critic, collector
  • Rogers, Samuel (born 1763–died 1855), English businessman, poet, patron
  • Roguin, Daniel (born 1691–died 1771), Swiss soldier, businessman, army officer
  • Roulet, Abraham (born 1734–died 1790), Swiss businessman
  • Seamer, James (born c. 1657–died 1739), English goldsmith, businessman, jeweller, banker, author
  • Stancliffe, James (died 1704), English businessman
  • Thompson, Thomas (born 1739–died 1809), American sea captain, naval engineer, merchant, naval officer, businessman
  • Thrale, Henry (born 1728–died 1781), English brewer, politician, member of Parliament, businessman
  • Tubeuf, Pierre François (died 1795), French businessman
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