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  • Coray, Adamantios (born 1748–died 1833), Greek scholar, classicist, scholar, translator, academic
  • Cunningham of Block, Alexander (born 1650/1660–died 1730), Scottish legal author, scholar, classicist, critic, university teacher, tutor
  • Dacier, André (born 1651–died 1722), French scholar, classicist, academician, librarian, archivist
  • Dalzel, Andrew (born 1742–died 1806), Scottish author, scholar, classicist, tutor, university teacher, academician
  • Duncombe, John (born 1729–died 1786), English scholar, classicist, literary reviewer
  • Dusaulx, Jean Joseph (born 1728–died 1799), French scholar, classicist, academician, politician, revolutionary
  • Fermat, Samuel (born 1632–died 1690), French lawyer, judge, scholar, classicist, academician
  • Fraguier, Claude François (born 1660–died 1728), French churchman, author, classicist, historian, theologian
  • Freinshem, Johannes (born 1608–died 1660), German scholar, classicist, university teacher
  • Fromaget, Jean Joseph Pierre (born 1738–died 1803), French schoolteacher, scholar, classicist
  • Gillies, John (born 1747–died 1836), Scottish author, scholar, classicist, historian, academician
  • Gordon, Thomas (born 1714–died 1797), Scottish author, scholar, classicist, university teacher, academician, librarian, archivist
  • Grævius, Johannes Georgius (born 1632–died 1703), German scholar, university teacher, academic, philologist, classicist
  • Hawkins, John Sidney (born 1758–died 1842), English antiquarian, editor, classicist
  • Hudson, John (born 1662–died 1719), English librarian, scholar, classicist, university administrator, archivist
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