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  • Roberts, Reverend John (born 1775–died 1829), Welsh churchman, editor, translator
  • Serres de La Tour, Alphonse Joseph de (born c. 1740–died c. 1790), French editor, journalist
  • Smith, Robert (born 1689–died 1768), English mathematician, academician, editor, literary executor
  • Steevens, George (born 1736–died 1800), English scholar, editor, academician, academic
  • Suard, Jean Baptiste Antoine (born 1732–died 1817), French journalist, academician, censor, civil servant, editor, author
  • Sumarokov, Aleksandr Petrovich (born 1717–died 1777), Russian author, poet, playwright, journalist, editor
  • Taylor, Richard (born 1781–died 1858), English naturalist, printer, publisher, academician, editor
  • Thieriot, Nicolas Claude (born 1697–died 1772), French amanuensis, editor
  • Tickell, Thomas (born 1685–died 1740), English author, poet, civil servant, editor, literary executor
  • Tooke, William (born 1777–died 1863), English lawyer, politician, academician, philanthropist, university founder, author, editor
  • Torrens, Robert (born c. 1780–died 1864), Irish political economist, politician, member of Parliament, editor, colonist, academician
  • Toup, Jonathan (born 1713–died 1785), English churchman, academic, classicist, editor, author
  • Warton, John (born 1756–died c. 1829), English schoolteacher, poet, editor
  • Weisse, Christian Felix (born 1726–died 1804), German courtier, civil servant, journalist, editor, poet, playwright
  • White, Joseph Blanco (born 1775–died 1841), Spanish churchman, editor, journalist, religious convert, Anglican
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