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  • Peuchet, Jacques (born 1758–died 1830), French journalist, archivist, librarian
  • Pictet, François Pierre (born 1728–died 1798), Swiss private secretary, lawyer, librarian
  • Price, John (born 1734–died 1813), Welsh academic, archivist, librarian
  • Reichard, Heinrich August Ottokar (born 1751–died 1828), German traveller, librarian, theatre director, archivist
  • Ruddiman, Thomas (born 1674–died 1757), English scholar, classicist, academic, scholar, printer, librarian, archivist
  • Sénébier, Jean (born 1742–died 1809), Swiss churchman, Protestant, librarian, historian, archivist
  • Sinner, Johann Rudolf (born 1730–died 1787), Swiss librarian, medievalist, archivist
  • Stubbe, Henry (born 1632–died 1676), English scholar, classicist, librarian, physician, pamphleteer, archivist
  • Upham, John (flourished 1805–1834), English bookseller, librarian
  • Veyssière La Croze, Mathurin (born 1661–died 1739), French librarian, historian, Orientalist, archivist
  • Wanley, Humphrey (born 1672–died 1726), English scholar, librarian, academician, academic, archivist
  • Watts, Robert (born c. 1751–died 1842), English librarian, churchman, archivist
  • Wise, Francis (born 1695–died 1767), English academic, archivist, antiquarian, librarian
  • Wodrow, Reverend James (born 1730–died 1810), Scottish librarian, churchman, Presbyterian
  • Wolff, Nicolaus (flourished August 1722–November 1727), Romanian librarian, secretary
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