Lives listing by occupation: political economist

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  • Anderson, James (born 1739–died 1808), Scottish agriculturalist, editor, journalist, political economist
  • Hill Burton, John (born 1809–died 1881), Scottish author, historian, political economist
  • Morellet, père André, abbé Morellet (born 1727–died 1819), French law reformer, political economist
  • Paradisi, Agostino (born 1736–died 1783), Italian author, political economist, poet
  • Ricardo, David (born 1772–died 1823), English author, political economist
  • Say, Jean Baptiste (born 1767–died 1832), French author, political economist, journalist, university teacher
  • Smith, Adam (born 1723–died 1790), Scottish philosopher, political economist, university teacher, academician
  • Steuart of Coltness and Westshield, Sir James (born 1713–died 1780), Scottish Jacobite, political economist
  • Thornton, Henry (born 1760–died 1815), English banker, political economist, politician, member of Parliament
  • Torrens, Robert (born c. 1780–died 1864), Irish political economist, politician, member of Parliament, editor, colonist, academician
  • Tucker, Josiah (born 1713–died 1799), Welsh political economist, churchman, political controversialist, author

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