Browse lives

The browse lives section gives the complete list of correspondents (writers and recipients, both individuals and groups) currently in EE.

There are three ways of browsing lives:

Browse lives by occupation

This section groups correspondents alphabetically by occupation. The alphabetical index on the left-hand side allows you to change which initial letter is viewed:

browse alphabetically

Change the occupation group by clicking on the letters in the index.

When you click on one of the occupations you are taken to a list of the correspondents who have that occupation:

Occupation listing with initial: A

firstpreviousdisplaying occupations 1–30 of 55 nextlast
  • abolition society
  • academy member
  • academy member's wife
  • agriculturalist's wife
  • agronomist
  • alchemist

Each correspondent is listed by their full name, dates of birth and death (where known), and a brief biographical description. Clicking on a name brings up their lives page.