Lives: main window

The lives main window is headed by the person's name, their dates of life and death (if known) and a brief description of their nationality and occupation.

There are four components to the main window of the lives page:

  • biography tab — containing a biographical note on the person;
  • correspondents tab — a list of their correspondents;
  • letters tab — a list of the letters they wrote and received;
  • works tab — a list of works available as full-text in the Oxford Text Archive.

Correspondents tab

The correspondents tab gives you a list of all the correspondents of the person you are viewing. Clicking on the name of a person in the list takes you to their lives page. Clicking on the pen icon allows you to view a list of the correspondence between the two people.

Jeremy Bentham

(1748–1832), English philosopher, legal writer, reformer

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  • pen Greeks, the 
  • pen [unknown] 
  • pen [unnamed] society 
  • pen Abbot, Charles, 1st Baron Colchester 
  • pen Abbot, John Farr 
  • pen Abbot, Mrs Mary 
  • pen Abercromby, James, 1st Baron Dunfermline 
  • pen Adam, James 
  • pen Adam, Robert 
  • pen Adams, John Quincy 
  • pen Addington, Henry, 1st Viscount Sidmouth 
  • pen Addington, John Hiley 
  • pen Aiton, John 
  • pen Aiton, William Townsend 
  • pen Alexander I, czar of Russia 

Individual lives can be accessed by searching or browsing lives or by clicking on a writer's or recipient's name in the meta bar of a letter. The lives page's meta bar provides a summary of facts about the person and their correspondence within EE.