News-sheet — Autumn 2017

I. 2017 update — Correspondence (8,184 items)

This year’s update reinforces the fact that the Electronic Enlightenment Scholarly Edition of Correspondence is always moving towards being the most complete collection of letters possible. For example, the current update means EE has the largest collection of letters to/from Joseph Addison, Adam Smith and Voltaire available anywhere — something true too of many smaller sub-collections in EE.

We have been able to expand our direct support for students by providing a Digital Humanities Summer School bursary; and co-funding an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award resulting in “Reading and sociability in the correspondence of Elizabeth Montagu and friends” — a shared reading of letters in a born-digital mini-edition by Jack Orchard presented as our Autumn 2017 Miscellany.

A. Joseph Addison collection (353 letters):

B. The Italian collection (6,312 letters):

This collection significantly broadens linguistically, geographically and thematically the unique offering available through EE.

C. Jean Le Clerc collection (624 letters):

D. Voltaire collection (829 letters):

E. Other items of interest (66 letters):

II. 2017 update — Biographical Dictionary (2,000 items)

EE now includes entries for people for whom we do not yet have correspondence, but who are connected with the existing collection. By providing “landing pages” for these people we want to encourage our readers to discover and contribute letters to the growing collection. Over the coming year we will be adding thousands more people to provide personal landing pages for authors of texts in the Oxford Text Archive (see below).

III. Electronic Enlightenment and Oxford Text Archive

The Oxford Text Archive (OTA) — a major repository of tens-of-thousands of full-text works — has moved to the Bodleian Library to join with Electronic Enlightenment. These two outstanding collections are involved in the creation of a new scholarly resource: “Lives, letters & works”. To celebrate the arrival of the OTA, and thereby begin this collaboration, we have linked more than 350 people, their letters, and full-text copies of their works — on the Search/Lives page look for “OTAwork” in the biography text field.

Subscribers have access to the works list from biography pages using the new ‘WORKS’ tab alongside the existing BIOGRAPHY, CORRESPONDENTS, & LETTERS tabs.

So far we have made links for around 360 authors. This covers over 3,800 full-text works over a wide range of people, titles and dates.

III. MARC Records

We are pleased to make available a new set of MARC records produced with the assistance of the Bodleian Libraries cataloguing department. These supersede any previous records you may have for Electronic Enlightenment.

2481 Records: (392kb zip file) November 2017.
Please note that these supersede any previous records you may have for Electronic Enlightenment. We will provide updated & new records separately in future updates.

The cataloguing department have also worked with OCLC to make our records aviable as a collection in Worldshare Global knowledge base.

A CONSER record is available from OCLC (244097540) which represents Electronic Enlightenment as a whole. You can downloaded it through your OCLC subscription or view it in WorldCat.

Read more about our MARC records.

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