Lives listing by occupation: ship-owner

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  • Bowrey, Thomas (born c. 1650–died 1713), English merchant, ship-owner
  • Charnock, Robert (flourished 1799), [unknown nationality] East India Company official, ship-owner
  • Cotton, Joseph (flourished 1795), [unknown nationality] sea captain, ship-owner, East India Company official
  • Cutt, Eleanor (flourished 1677–1684), English landowner, merchant, ship-owner
  • Dady, Ardaseer (flourished 1800–1801), Indian ship-owner, merchant
  • Dummer, Thomas (flourished c. 1701), English sea captain, merchant, ship-owner
  • Fairlie, Sir William (born c. 1760–died 1825), Scottish merchant, ship-owner, civic official, civil servant
  • Harrison, Edward (born c. 1734–died 1794), Canadian merchant, ship-owner, politician
  • Jefferson, Samuel (flourished 1685), [unknown nationality] merchant, ship-owner
  • Murphy, Richard (born before 1700–died after 1729), Irish merchant, ship-owner
  • Orange, William (flourished 1766–1777), American businessman, ship-owner, militia officer
  • Orlandos, Ioannis (born c. 1770–died 1852), Greek ship-owner, politician, revolutionary
  • Parker, John (born 1732–died 1791), American ship-owner, merchant, politician
  • Sargent, Epes (born 1748–died 1822), American merchant, ship-owner, tax-official
  • Wadia, Framjee Maneckjee (born 1749–died 1804), Indian naval engineer, ship-owner, businessman
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