Peter Damian-Grint

Peter Damian-Grint is Correspondence Editor of Electronic Enlightenment; he previously worked for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. A medievalist by training, he taught Old French at the University of Oxford between 1996 and 2010. Author of The New Historians of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance (1999), he has written widely on Old French literature, especially historiography; his recent publications include ‘Translation and sources in Old French literature’, in Francia et Germania (2011) and ‘Robert Courteheuse et Henri Beauclerc, frères ennemis dans les estoires de Wace et Benoît’, in Tinchebray 1106–2006 (2009); he has also written a number of articles for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004) and contributed extensively to the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle (2011).

Since joining the Electronic Enlightenment project he has also developed research interests in eighteenth-century medievalism and correspondence. He is editor of a collection of essays, Medievalism and manière gothique in Enlightenment France (2006), and other recent publications include ‘Old French in the eighteenth century: Aucassin et Nicolette’, in Early Modern Medievalisms (2010), ‘Eighteenth-century literature in English and other languages: image, text and hypertext’, in A Companion to Digital Literary Studies (2007), and ‘L’édition électronique des correspondances: numérisation, achèvement, création’, in Éditer les correspondances (2007).

Dr Damian-Grint is currently in Rome, working on a research project into literature describing Christian life and work in medieval England.

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