Katrin Kohl

Katrin Kohl is Professor of German at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Jesus College. Her research interests include German literature of the 18th and 20th centuries, poetics, and the theory and practice of metaphor. She has written extensively on the 18th-century German poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1724–1803) and has worked especially on the significance of the rhetorical and religious tradition for his work. In the run-up to the tercentenary of Frederick II, King of Prussia (1712–1786), she has contributed to conferences in Potsdam on Frederick’s work and contemporary significance. To mark the tercentenary year, she co-organised a conference on Frederick the Great and the Republic of Letters at Jesus College, Oxford, in July 2012. This is intended to yield a volume for SVEC (Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century).

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