Guided tours

. . . In several tours of many thousand miles, I have derived great aid from a small collection of things apparently trifling; and in some instances they have been of considerable service in cases of difficulty.

— Charles Babbage to Rev. William Venables Harcourt (Wednesday, 31 August 1831)
(EE letter id: baascoRH0010049b1c)

As an advanced digital resource, Electronic Enlightenment offers numerous ways to explore and use its materials. Here are some guided tours that will help you learn to explore EE through the letters or through the lives of its correspondents.

Tours via Letters

Each letter in EE has a unique LETTER page offering: the document itself, with unique EE letter ID; metadata about the document and its correspondents; tabbed links to associated documents (enclosures, related documents and versions/translations) as available.

Tour via Lives

Each person in EE has a unique LIFE page offering: a biographical note, with unique EE life ID; metadata about the correspondent; tabbed links to associated correspondents and letters.

Downloadable powerpoint tours

(Written in 2009 and now slightly out of date.)

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