Born-digital editions: publishing large numbers of letters

EE offers scholars the opportunity to publish born-digital critical editions online, integrated into our network of biographical and documentary links. As the letters are edited and prepared for online publication they will be fully integrated into EE's architecture and will benefit from links to thousands of other documents, persons and themes.

Born digital editions publishing with EE:

Jacques Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737–1814) — a major figure of the late French Enlightenment whose correspondence, consisting of over 2500 surviving letters, has never before been published in a critical edition.

The Bernardin de Saint-Pierre project has been granted funding by the AHRC to provide a critical edition of the letters in an electronic form, allowing for full searching facilities and links to other correspondences published in EE. Letters are published as they are prepared: in EE's publishing system, letters can appear as they are edited, there is no necessary number of documents that must be prepared before publication can begin.

Editorial team: Malcolm Cook (General editor), Katherine Astbury, Odile Cook, Simon Davies, Rebecca Ford, Tim Reeve, Philip Robinson, Catriona Seth and Mark Waddicor.

Hybrid editions publishing with EE:

André Morellet (1727–1819), influential French law reformer and political economist, habitué of the salons, friend of Benjamin Franklin and Voltaire. Hundreds of the letters have been published previously, but never in one place. This will be the first time all the known letters, including many never previously published, are brought together into one coherent work with new and revised annotations.

The André Morellet project is a joint undertaking of the Voltaire Foundation and EE, working with the editor of the original Oxford critical edition (Lettres d'André Morellet. Ed. Dorothy Medlin et al. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 1991–1996). This edition was supplemented across three later volumes of SVEC:

  • André Morellet: texts and contexts. Ed. Dorothy Medlin et al. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, SVEC 2003:10;
  • "André Morellet's correspondence in 1780 and 1782", ed. Dorothy Medlin et al. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, SVEC 2004:07, pp. 3–27;
  • "André Morellet and the Trudaines", ed. Dorothy Medlin. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, SVEC 2005:12, pp. 117–127; "'Vive Louis-le-désiré!': André Morellet et la restauration de la monarchie, 1814–1817", ed. Dorothy Medlin. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, SVEC 2005:12, pp. 129–154.

Since publication of Morellet's letters across those VF volumes, the editor has discovered significant numbers of new letters. These will be incorporated into this new digital edition.

Editorial team: Dorothy Medlin; with support from members of the Voltaire Foundation and Electronic Enlightenment Project teams.

If you are interested in publishing a new letter or a small group of letters in EE, please email us about . Your publication will appear with its own credits in our register of EE editions.

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