Collaborate: enriching data & metadata

EE is not a static presentation. Unlike the print and manuscript media from which we source our content, what we make of it and most of what we publish is flexibly conceived and amenable to emendation and enrichment.

Examples of the process include the editing of biographical notes and the correction, completion or simple addition of notes to the hundreds of thousands of scholarly annotations already part of EE.

A larger and more formal enrichment programme is our collaboration with the Getty Research Institute, wherein EE is matching the 1 million+ entries in the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN)® to the hundreds of thousands of place names found in EE. A two-way enrichment results: the TGN maps to some 20–30 thousand locations in EE — places of birth and death of correspondents, and locations of writing and receipt of letters. This provides a "controlled vocabulary" of place names along with geographical coordinates which will allow locations in EE to be mapped to Google Earth and other resources. In turn, EE is building a list of linguistic, dialectical and historical variants for standardized entries already in the TGN, as well as recording forms and coordinates for locations not yet part of the Getty resource. In this way, EE contributes to the structured vocabulary, which in turn will inform other scholarly activities.

If you are interested in exploring links between your project and the Electronic Enlightenment Project, please email to discuss .

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